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Menstrual Health Care and Awareness

Throughout history, women from all cultures have been mistreated over the misconceptions and arrogance surrounding menstruation and menstrual health. In celebration of women’s history month, we want to bring awareness to ending the stigma of menstrual care, health, and cycles that women throughout history have so long faced. 

The Menstrual Cycle is Not Always, “Being on Your Period”

“Every period is like every woman – unique to the individual.”

A common misconception regarding menstruation and periods is that they are the same thing and intertwined. The actual time a woman bleeds is known as menstruation, but her menstrual cycle is the entire time from one period starting to the next (Healthline, 2019).


A woman’s menstrual cycle is often referred to as “that time of the month.” This comment is not only incorrect, but it’s also harmful and deflecting toward a woman’s perfectly normal menstrual period that has been so strongly stigmatized for generations. 


The first step toward destigmatizing menstrual cycles and period awareness comes with knowledge and education. Together we can find ways toward understanding and celebrating the female body through the power of information.


Feelings and Emotions are Dismissed When We are on Our Periods

Looping back to the common phrase, “it’s that time of the month again, huh?” We can break down the many ways in which women’s feelings and emotions are dismissed because of the stigmas behind the menstruation period. It’s incredibly common for women to be treated as if their periods are indicators for bad moods, high emotions, etc. This is one of the most common stigmas associated with menstruation and menstrual cycles. 


When we repeatedly dismiss women’s emotions and feelings by insinuating that it has only to do with her period, it is not only inaccurate, but it is detrimental to the progression of understanding and celebrating a woman’s natural body cycles. It recycles the trend that periods are a weakness and that they are simply an activation for making women “moody,” or “bitchy.” This is a trend we must actively work to disassemble, as it tears down and belittles women for their natural, unique cycles. 


Stress Can Greatly Alter Your Period


There may have been times throughout your life where you noticed changes in your menstruation, such as irregular bleeding, uncommon trends for what your body was used to, etc. While it is not the only indicator for unique patterns in periods, stress can have major effects on your period.


Stress can be found just about everywhere we go, especially with modern technology, where our exposure to information and events are constantly at our fingertips. You may not think the events and lifestyle changes happening all around the world are impacting you, but there is a great chance that they are. 


Your period listens to your body through the hypothalamus, the area of the brain where hormones are regulated. When your body detects stress, your period can fluctuate in many different ways, such as abnormal bleeding, or even stopping all together. So if you’re worried about some irregularities with your period, before panicking, ask yourself what could be impacting your daily life, causing more stress than normal. 

If you’ve ever felt unsure about changes regarding your period, here are some tips for when it might be a good time to visit your healthcare provider (provided by NYU Health, 2020).


  • Your periods stop for more than 90 days
  • You bleed for more than 7 days
  • Your periods are less than 21 days or more than 35 days apart
  • You bleed between periods
  • You feel sick after using tampons (check out our brand Proof for alternative options)
  • You bleed more heavily than usual or experience more pain than usual 


There are so many stigmas surrounding a woman’s body, especially when it comes to menstruation and menstrual cycles. At Cherie Amour, we’ve teamed up with a remarkable brand dedicated toward supporting and celebrating the female form through undergarments designed to prevent leaking and discomfort. Click the link to learn more about Proof and their revolutionary styles made for supporting you through your body’s natural changes. 


Remember to continue to listen to your body’s signs, and to continue education and awareness committed toward destigmatizing menstrual health. Let us walk toward a better future that supports, celebrates, and elevates all women throughout every stage of life.


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