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How to Find the Perfect Brand For Your Personal Style

The Ultimate Lingerie Style Quiz

By Bailey C.

Have you ever felt like you were the type to not feel fit for any kind of lingerie style? Maybe you’ve felt like your personal aesthetic doesn’t match any brands, you’ve never felt connected to a brand, or maybe, in a world of stereotypes, you felt you’ve been put into a box of expectations based on your own definition of who you are.

If you have ever felt this way, look no further. Take our quiz to determine the perfect styles for you!

Style 1

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you! (Example: If you consider yourself to be a flirty, forward-thinker, you would earn 2 points for this section.)




Life of the party

Forward thinker

If you scored 3 points or more, check out:


Sainted Sisters

Thistle & Spire

Clo Intimo

Style Analysis

You are the life of the party. You’re someone who’s not afraid to step into the spotlight or to push boundaries. Oftentimes your friends might refer to you as the trendsetter, whether that be in your style or simply the way you carry yourself unapologetically. Sometimes your high energy and vivacious personality can get you into trouble, but the way you go about life with your beautiful spirit is what makes you such a joy to be around. You are unique to your core.



Style 2

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!






If you scored 3 points or more, check out:





Style Analysis

You are one of the most serene, easy-going people to be around. You don’t take things too seriously, and you always make sure to look at life through a broad and open lens. You might be someone who likes to stay in with a good book rather than a night out, but you’re self-assured and comfortable with who you are. You don’t need the flashiest looks, but you value comfortable styles that can take you anywhere. Your curiosity takes you to new places, so your lingerie must keep up with your lifestyle.


Style 3

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!






If you scored 3 points or more, check out:



Noelle Wolf


Style Analysis

Your life moves fast, so your style does too. You’re rooted in classic contemporaries, but you move with the trends and dress to impress. You’re always on the go, thinking of new ways to improve yourself, and taking big leaps for your self-growth and career. Throughout your life, you’ve always been someone who rises to the challenge and paves your own way. You’re determined and hardworking, but you’re always willing to learn from others and grow along the way without straying from your values. Since you’re always on the move, you need more support and comfort than anyone. But who says support and comfort don’t have to be fashionable?


Style 4

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!






If you scored 3 points or more, check out:

Dita von Teese


Playful Promises


Style Analysis

You’re the ultimate showstopper. Being the center of attention isn’t important to you, but you always are regardless. You value the beauty of life and history, and your style reflects that. You tend to be more extroverted, and when you step out the door, heads immediately turn toward you. You might find that you’re modeling yourself after some of the most glamorous and bold stars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a name for yourself. Your friends probably wouldn't be surprised to see that you’ve gone viral on social media overnight.


Style 5

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!






If you scored 3 points or more, check out:

Rya Collection


Little Bra Company


Style Analysis

Your kind, gentle soul is the breath of fresh air that everyone needs in their life. You see the beauty in everything and everyone, and you value respect and kindness above all. You might be more of an introvert, but that doesn’t take away from your ability to connect with others. You may often find yourself immersed in nature, connecting with the earth in order to feel more centered, fueling your genuine love for all things. Your styles are soft, light and airy, not unlike the patterns of the trees and sun reflecting off one another. You are a literal ray of sunshine.

Style 6

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!






If you scored 3 points or more, check out:


Dora Larsen

Simone Perele


Style Analysis

You see the art in everything, and it’s shown through your style. It’s so important for you to understand the story and history behind a brand or product, rather than just shopping for what looks trendy. You have such a strong passion for connection, that you might often be described as an old soul. Your artistic side doesn’t waver for anything, especially when it comes to your style. Colors, artistry, inspiration, and joy flows throughout your soul, and you value the beauty of life, and believe that art can be found anywhere.

Style 7

Give yourself one point for every trait that applies to you!



Detail oriented



If you scored 3 points or more, check out:

Lise Charmel

I.D. Sarrieri

Fleur of England

Style Analysis

You were made for a luxurious lifestyle. Whether you’re sitting poolside with your designer shades reading the latest upscale trends, or dressing for the fashion week red carpet, you’re prepared to turn heads. It can be simple or standout, but elegance is always a factor in your presentation. Your passion for your work and talents drives you toward your lavish lifestyle, and nothing you do is ever given anything less than full immersion. It can be both inspiring and intimidating to the people you meet, but never let it sway who you are. You were born for the finer things in life.


Never be afraid to be who you are. These styles and traits might not be completely spot on for you, but don’t let that stop you from finding styles that match your personality and self-image. There is something out there that is perfect for everyone, so enjoy the journey along the way.


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