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  • When in doubt, hand wash with warm, not hot, water.
  • Dry naturally - hang up gently to avoid wrinkles.
  • Use a small amount of gentle soap and gently massage your lingerie. No rinse necessary (Soak samples included with every online purchase). Click here to view our Soak Wash products available for purchase.
  • Use a reusable laundry bag to keep your undergarments separate from other dirty garments. Click the link to view laundry bags available for purchase. 
  • For 100% silk products, dry clean, cold wash, and ironing are ok. Handwashing may change the luster of silk. 


  • Wash your lingerie in a washing machine. This can damage the materials, colors, embroideries, or cause harmful rips.
  • Tumble dry. Lingerie should always dry naturally and be hung up carefully away from other garments. 
  • Crush your bras and panties in your drawer. Never fold the bra cups inwards.
  • Iron. 
  • Dry clean. 
  • Bleach. 

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