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Our Mission

“No matter your reason for wearing lingerie, it should help you feel like the best version of yourself”. - Cora Harrington

Chérie Amour is on a mission to help women feel comfortable in their own skin by guiding them to redefine beauty as a process of self-love and appreciation. We want to bring awareness to a woman’s natural beauty through body neutrality, commitment to quality, and ethical sourcing. At Chérie Amour we believe that beauty is not just how we look but also how we feel. Feeling beautiful is not a goal, it is a changing state of being. A state that allows us to connect with our essence, talents, gifts, and qualities that make us appreciate the diversity and uniqueness in each one of us. We are inspired by the plurality and multiplicity of women. We believe every woman, no matter age, race, or beliefs, deserves to be treated with respect and learn to love the skin she is in. Through this respect, she is able to love her body via beautiful and luxurious lingerie.

Core Values

At the core of who we are as a brand are the values that we hold closest to our heart. These values shape our attitudes, our beliefs, and guide our actions.

Your differences and oddities are your strengths.

You have the freedom to create your own definition of beauty.

Honoring the plurality and multiplicity of women allows us to create a safe, inspiring, and better place for women.

Self-love and appreciation start once you choose those experiences and things you love and make you feel good.

We cannot lead women if we do not hear their stories.

Being yourself is a daily job that requires self-respect and compassion.

Body positivity and body neutrality commitment through gratitude on which our body can do for ourselves.

Ethical sourcing and mindful curation.

Safe space for women.

Commitment to quality.