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Are you getting ready for an escape to a glamorous destination? Whether you're off to a beach exploring a city or treating yourself to a spa getaway don't forget about packing the perfect lingerie. Lingerie plays a role in setting the mood for your trip offering comfort, confidence, and a hint of allure. In this article, we'll discuss how to pack the lingerie for your travels showcasing beautiful pieces from Chérie Amour.

Introducing ourPRETTY IN PINK collection – It’s about embracing color, liveliness, and that special allure. Explore a range of lingerie sets from brands such as Agent Provocateur, Simone Pérèle, Dora Larsen, and others.

Enhancing your wedding experience, while staying true to your eco values, has become more convenient than ever thanks to a selected assortment of sustainable favorites tailored for the environmentally conscious bride and her close circle. These brands not only prioritize design and comfort but also champion sustainability by implementing various eco-friendly practices.

At Chérie Amour we hold an admiration for Bluebella, a brand that goes beyond lingerie and stands as a symbol of sensuality, style, and empowerment. Founded by the visionary Emily Bendell Bluebella embodies femininity with its focus on innovation, inclusivity, and exquisite design. It redefines beauty and confidence in a way that resonates with women today.

Your wedding day holds a place, in your heart brimming with love, joy, and treasured moments. Every aspect is meticulously planned to create perfection, including your bridal lingerie. Bridal lingerie goes beyond undergarments; it symbolizes confidence, allure, and femininity. Here at Chérie Amour, we recognize the significance of feeling your best on your day. That's why we've curated a collection of bridal lingerie to empower you to embrace your goddess and radiate beauty from within.

With the arrival of the weather, it's the perfect time to update your activewear collection with the latest trends that will enhance your exercise routine. Whether you prefer sportswear or eco-friendly slow fashion here are some standout choices for the best spring activewear in 2024.

Do you find yourself tugging or pulling at your bra throughout the day? Did you know that nearly 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size? Yes, that is not a typo, eighty percent wear the wrong size. No wonder we find ourselves whipping our bras off the moment we get home! Let’s talk about how we can remedy this scenario, and how to find the perfect bra size.

Back, in 2016 Dora Larsen made its mark in the city of London thanks to Georgia Larsen's vision to shake up the world of lingerie. Tired of uncomfortable bras Georgia set out on a mission to craft something special. By blending color palettes with designs Dora Larsen swiftly became a favorite among women looking for sophisticated and empowering everyday attire.

The coquette aesthetic is characterized by flirtatiousness, playfulness, and a touch of seduction. It often involves using feminine and alluring elements such as lace, sheer fabrics, ruffles, bows, and delicate embellishments, creating a charming, whimsical, and irresistibly romantic look. So how does it translate to bridal lingerie? We’ve picked out our top four coquette bridal aesthetic looks if this look is for you.

Some days the boost and shaping of underwire bras is just what we want, but rushing to rip it off at the end of the day gets old. We’re big fans of finding soft cups, and wireless bras for everyday wear - they have a multitude of benefits for your comfort and overall health as well. 

Spring is the perfect time to revisit lace lingerie - beautiful florals and botanical designs are perfect for curbing the winter blues and bringing in that sweet anticipation. While we’re always big fans of lace, our new spring pieces are to die for and deserve a quick spotlight.

At Chérie Amour, we carry a lot of brands that we have tried, and loved, and have a reputation for quality and comfort. We’re proud to carry on a tradition of historically best-loved brands with years of experience finding beautiful fit, and one of those brands is Chantelle.