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Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away, and whether you’re celebrating alone or with a partner, fresh lingerie is a MUST. Enter: Le Petit Trou.
You’ve planned the guest list, the flowers, the flavor of cake. You’ve picked your dream dress and started planning a menu. But what are you going to wear underneath?
According to the Center of Disease Control, about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer during her life. In addition to this, the rising popularity of cosmetic breast surgeries means that you or someone you know will likely be undergoing a chest specific medical procedure at some point in their life! Something to consider with these medical procedures may be obvious in hindsight but not foresight: your bra.
Have you ever felt like you were the type to not feel fit for any kind of lingerie style? Maybe you’ve felt like your personal aesthetic doesn’t match any brands, you’ve never felt connected to a brand, or maybe, in a world of stereotypes, you felt you’ve been put into a box of expectations based on your own definition of who you are.
Throughout history, women from all cultures have been mistreated over the misconceptions and arrogance surrounding menstruation and menstrual health. In celebration of women’s history month, we want to bring awareness to ending the stigma of menstrual care, health, and cycles that women throughout history have so long faced. 
Committed to comforting all those who need extra support with leakage and menstrual bleeding, Proof provides an incredibly vast and progressive selection of products designed to prevent uncomfortable leaking and to eliminate the use for plastic, single-use menstrual products.
When I was a little girl, I would sit next to my grandmother and watch her hands as she carefully guided material through her sewing machine. She was meticulous with every stitch, a perfectionist of sorts, not settling for mediocrity. She instilled in me a love for well-made clothing and beautiful garments that were made to last. I realize now, that much of what I learned from my grandmother influenced the sourcing for Chérie Amour. From companies that have an uncompromising promise of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, to ethical sourcing and timeless designs.
Often times, people think of lingerie as an object to define sexual desire, or of undergarments that represent romance and sex. Having been fully immersed into this beautifully unique industry, I can say that this stigma is but a miniscule fraction of what defines lingerie. In this article, take a glimpse at the many (but not all) facets of wearing marvelous, reputable lingerie.