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Brazilian panties, also known as Brazilian-cut panties, are a style of women's underwear that is thought to have originated in Brazil. Brazilian panties typically have a low-rise waistband that sits below the natural waistline. However, the back is cut higher on the buttocks, revealing a bit more skin and creating a cheeky, flirtatious appearance.

Are you rushing to pull off your bra at the end of the day? You’re probably due for a new daily bra. Choosing the perfect daily bra involves considering several factors to ensure both lasting comfort and support. With so many options, it can feel like an intimidating process. Here are some pointers to remove the mystery and make choosing your next bra simple.

As bras age and undergo regular wear and washing (read about proper bra washing here), they naturally lose their supportiveness. Here are some signs that indicate your bra may be losing its support:

If you’ve been on the internet and have A or B cups, chances are you’ve heard of Pepper, the trending bra brand for small cup divas everywhere. We love their content and their “itty bitty titty committee” campaign. If you’re also a big fan of Pepper bras, these are the other brands that are similar and you definitely want to try out for yourself.

Thistle and Spire is a woman-founded luxury lingerie brand that offers a wide range of lingerie items catering to different styles and preferences. They are known for their intricate lace designs and unique cutouts that add a touch of elegance and edge to their pieces. “You’re not boring - why should your lingerie be?” they remark on their website - and each piece that they make pushes the boundaries of design to create an experience beyond the garment.

The lifespan of daily panties can vary depending on factors such as fabric quality, frequency of use, personal hygiene practices, and laundering techniques. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to replace your daily panties every 6 to 12 months. Here are a few considerations to help determine when it's time to throw away and replace your daily panties.
When it comes to maintaining personal hygiene and overall health, we often focus on aspects such as regular bathing, dental care, and clean clothing. However, one area that tends to be overlooked is the frequency of replacing bras and panties.
Ask any of the Chérie Amour team what the ultimate feel-good, cool girl, influencer-loved lingerie brand is, and we would all immediately say Nette Rose. Nette Rose is a South African-based lingerie brand that offers a range of beautiful and sustainable pieces.
Ouvert panties are back and taking the fashion world by storm. No longer just an adult shop staple, top brands have run with the idea and added luxury and spice to the concept of the open panty. Also known as crotchless panties or open panties, they serve an extra side of excitement to your lingerie: either a fun secret for you or a sexy surprise for your partner.

Ever since receiving our first order of Skarlett Blue, we have been completely amazed by the quality and beauty of their products.  With a focus on combining style, comfort, and functionality, our curated collection of Skarlett Blue favorites includes stunningly delicate lace balconettes, push-ups, thongs, briefs, and even a stunning teddy - priced as everyday wear but beautiful enough for any special occasion.

Planning for a wedding is stressful enough - buying the lingerie for it shouldn’t be. From finding the perfect bridal bra to getting ready outfits, we’ve pulled together our favorite tried, tested, and loved lingerie essentials for a bride.

A true classic in the lingerie world: lace lingerie. As much as we love the romantic and sensual look of lace, finding the best lace lingerie for yourself can be a true treasure hunt. Cheaply made pieces can end up scratchy and uncomfortable, but quality lace and beautiful craftsmanship can make ornate lace pieces not only beautiful, but shockingly comfortable as well.