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When building the perfect wardrobe, there are some pieces that don’t quite qualify as lingerie, per se, but add an element of luxury and comfort to your closet. “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes,” wrote style icon Vera Wang. Here we’ve compiled some of our most comfortable wardrobe essentials for the woman looking to elevate her comfort day clothing.
When it comes to finding beautiful, unique, and memorable lingerie, women with larger breasts often have to deal with a unique set of challenges. Many lingerie brands cater to smaller cup sizes, leaving those with larger breasts feeling frustrated and left out. However, the industry is changing, and we’re delighted to see more diversity in sizing reaching trendy and luxury brands. In this post, we will explore some tips for finding the perfect designer lingerie for larger breasts.
Shapewear has become increasingly popular even among younger generations, but it can be tricky finding the right shapewear for your own specific needs, especially if it’s a new genre of undergarments for you. The purpose of shapewear is less what we see on social media - the drastic reshaping of the body - and more about emphasizing natural shape and smoothing rolls and cellulite, and lifting where desired.
According to the UNEP, fashion and accessories are the second highest producer of plastic waste polluting our oceans. While that encompasses much more than the undergarment industry, we’re incredibly mindful that every bit of sustainable practice helps. We want to recognize some of the brands we love who are doing their part in caring for the earth through sustainable production and mindful materials.
Ask any of the employees at Chérie Amour what would be the one lingerie piece they’d get if they could only pick one, and chances are, you’ll hear “a bodysuit!”  There are a number of reasons for that - bodysuits are the powerhouse of the wardrobe, the little-black-dress of the lingerie drawer.
Watching the 2023 Haute Couture shows recently revealed a couple different up and coming trends for the fall and winter season.  One of these trends that was represented in every designer’s runway was pastels, and pale takes on the bold colors dominating early 2023’s red carpets. Pastels can be an intimidating look to pull off, but with unmatched attention to detail like we see in many of our high end designers, it’s a trend anyone can look good in.
If you haven’t updated your activewear closet lately, it’s time. Spring is underway and the sunnier days are begging for fresh fits to wear out for hiking, running, and brunch. Our Chérie Amour stylists have carefully selected a couple of favorite activewear brands to keep your wardrobe fresh, supportive, and fashionable.

Anyone who has lived through a couple decades has seen trends hit the fashion scene, then slowly fade away. While we love a pop of fast fashion, often newly emerging trends that build off of classic looks are our favorites. By reimagining beautiful, timeless silhouettes in even better ways, these looks never go out of style. Our current spotlight: mesh lingerie.

The past two years have been the prime time for neutral tones, but as 2023 rolls into motion, we’ve found that vibrant colors are hitting the fashion scene more than ever.

Mesh lingerie is in, and the options are limitless. Ribbing, embroidery, velvet accents, and even simple designs have an added pop when used with a mesh base.
When we think of luxury pieces, we immediately think about Fleur of England. Founded nearly 23 years ago by Fleur Turner, the brand symbolizes femininity and consciousness.
Valentine's Day is only a few short weeks away, and whether you’re celebrating alone or with a partner, fresh lingerie is a MUST. Enter: Le Petit Trou.