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Post Surgery Bras

Post Surgery Bras

By Sierra G. 

According to the Center of Disease Control,about 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer during her life. In addition to this, the rising popularity of cosmetic breast surgeries means that you or someone you know will likely be undergoing a chest specific medical procedure at some point in their life! Something to consider with these medical procedures may be obvious in hindsight but not foresight: your bra. 
A post surgery bra is crucial to your recovery after surgery, and we’re here to help! While this blog post is no substitute for a conversation with your doctor about what's best for you, we hope to give you some options to consider.

Why is a post surgery bra important?

Post surgery bras provide three important things: compression, support, and a place to secure drains.
Compression and support are of the utmost importance: a post surgery bra will take weight off your breasts and surgery incisions, protecting your wounds and minimizing pain and discomfort. It also helps push swelling out of the breasts which allows for faster healing.
Many post surgery bras allow for compression and size adjustment, allowing you to adjust as your swelling decreases without the need for purchasing additional bra sizes.
Even if you aren’t undergoing cosmetic breast surgery or breast cancer, even heart surgery would require you to wear a specialized post surgery bra to help with your recovery!



What to look for in your new bra

Your search should of course start with a discussion with a doctor; your bra size may need to be adjusted due to the nature of your surgery. This could either be an increase due to swelling, or a decrease if you had a reduction or mastectomy. A doctor will also be able to answer when and for how long you should wear this bra before being able to switch to something else. 
In addition to information your doctor provides you, there are some general rules of thumb on post surgery bras:
-You want support similar to a sports bra, but not overly smothering
-It should prioritize comfort
-A long band
-Adjustable straps
-Stretchy and soft fabrics 
-Optional pockets for prosthesis depending on your surgery
-Perhaps most importantly: wire free!
You want something comfortable that you can wear all day as well as sleep in. While some patients may only need to wear their post surgery bra for two weeks, others will need to wear theirs for several months. 
That especially means you don’t want to buy an expensive specialized bra that you won't wear after this period is done!

Our suggestions

Berlei has 7 bras specially designed for post surgery use, with sizes ranging from A cup to E cup. Their active wear includes a front zipper for ease of use, and they offer mesh as well for enhanced breathability. 
Their bras allow women to heal from their surgeries in comfort while not giving up style. Their designs are elegant and simplistic, a change from the complex and unflattering look of many other specialized post surgery bras offered on the market. Additionally, priced at 65 and under, they offer comfort and support for a fraction of the price of other support bras offered. 
(optional examples of unflattering medical bras: BRABIC Women’s Front Closure Bra fromhttps://www.healthline.com/health/best-postsurgery-bras#our-picks)
If you prefer something more everyday and not surgery specialized, there are several brands which prioritize comfort that could be a could fit for you. Make sure to check with your doctor to ensure these are right for you.
-Natori features sizes A - H in soft tones and lace options for breathability.
-Else offers stylish, sleek and breathable mesh and lace soft bras
-Conturelle’s Soft Touch bra offers a classic bra in neutral tones, wireless and in a wide range of cup and band sizes.
-Dolce and Never Say Never from Cosabella offer support with breathable mesh all while being encased in bright, attractive lace. We offer maternity stylesas well as standard soft bras. Their soft fabrics will allow you comfort without taking away your style.
We hope these suggestions will help you on your post surgery bra journey to find something that will help you heal without breaking the bank or taking away your style!

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