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A Letter From the Owner

When I was a little girl, I would sit next to my grandmother and watch her hands as she carefully guided material through her sewing machine. She was meticulous with every stitch, a perfectionist of sorts, not settling for mediocrity. She instilled in me a love for well-made clothing and beautiful garments that were made to last. I realize now, that much of what I learned from my grandmother influenced the sourcing for Chérie Amour. From companies that have an uncompromising promise of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, to ethical sourcing and timeless designs.

How does a beautiful piece of lingerie make you feel? In a sense, it is a form of self love. Not many, if any, see what is underneath your clothing, yet you know. I love how a lacy lemon-chiffon colored balconette bra gives me happy vibes, and a black French lace set is perfect for making me feel sexy for a night on the town, or simply a comfortable t-shirt bra or comfy lounge set for a latte-sipping Saturday morning. Whatever your mood, it begins with the first thing you put on your skin. Whether you are an A cup or an H cup, Chérie Amour has you covered!

We hope you'll stop by our blog and engage on the things that are important to us; inclusion, learning to love yourself no matter the stage you are in, and thoughts on how to walk through this thing called life. As women, let us all support one another toward loving kindness, which begins with loving yourself. Start there, and your life will be more beautiful!


Laurie B.
Chérie Amour Co-CEO

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