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Brand Infatuation

Why we love Fleur of England

Written By: Chérie Amour

When we think of luxury pieces, we immediately think about Fleur of England. Founded nearly 21 years ago by Fleur Turner, the brand symbolizes femininity and consciousness. She describes her process of becoming a lingerie designer as “the culmination of a dream” that started as a little girl who was entranced by feminine styles - and wore a lot of boys hand-me-downs.  In a desire to create lingerie that is at once feminine and modern, each piece is meticulously crafted with an eye for fit and attention to detail, and often has a story behind the design. 

The Ela set, made with her signature lace in emerald green and 24 karat gold-plated hardware, was designed to represent the first year of the pandemic, where so much was shut down but the golden light shining through the trees spoke of hope and life. The Lillian set represents viewing our bodies with kindness and love - and in fact has the word “kindness” embroidered into the lilies that decorate its lace. 

The newer seasons of Fleur of England continue in the same style, inspired both by the strength and power of femininity and the unique and ever changing nature of the earth. Each collection is truly a now-or-never event, as Fleur only manufactures a small number of her seasonal sets in order to reduce fabric waste, and they’re an event worth experiencing. Every time we put on a Fleur of England set, we’re stepping into a story of beauty and authenticity, a story that you deserve to be part of, too.

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