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Top Spring 2024 Activewear Picks

With the arrival of the weather, it's the perfect time to update your activewear collection with the latest trends that will enhance your exercise routine. Whether you prefer sportswear or eco-friendly slow fashion here are some standout choices for the best spring activewear in 2024;

Year of Ours;

Year of Ours pays homage to sportswear values emphasizing freedom of movement in their designs. Proudly crafted in the USA their garments showcase a dedication to excellence and artistry.

Lime Ribbed Bralette 2.0; This timeless bralette boasts spaghetti straps that add a touch of charm, ideal for light workouts. Crafted from Spandex Active Rib fabric it combines comfort with an aesthetic.

Lime Ribbed Veronica Legging;A choice for a reason these leggings feature a flattering cross V waist design that accentuates your curves. Constructed from Active Nylon Rib material they offer both support and flexibility during any workout session.


Saisei, which means "rebirth" or "regeneration”, in Japanese embodies the principles of comfortable fashion. Their performance capsule collection is tailored to boost and empower your every fitness move.

Form Racerback Tank, in Olive; This tank top is perfect for wear combining style and functionality for your activewear collection.

Form Olive Leggings;These leggings are designed to keep up with your lifestyle whether you're at the gym or out running errands. They are made from top-quality materials to ensure comfort and support all day long.

Port de Bras Activewear;

Taking inspiration from the grace of ballet, Port de Bras offers activewear designed for those who love to move. Their unique wave design adds a touch of elegance to each piece exuding fluidity and charm.

Black/White Wave Unitard; Elevate your activewear look with this unitard featuring Port de Bras distinctive wave pattern. Flattering and stylish it is bound to make a statement wherever you go.

Update your activewear collection this spring with these pieces that combine fashion, performance, and eco-friendliness. Whether you're working out at the gym practicing yoga or simply leading a life these brands have got you covered. Explore now. Step into the season with flair!

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