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Saisei (Japanese for “rebirth” or “regeneration”)
was born out of a dream to create slow fashion
that is environmentally and comfortably conscious.

Saisei's goal is to offer women, all over the world, access to a more balanced, sustainably minded lifestyle. 

It's not only about using regenerated fabrics and fibers. Every step in Saisei's production cycle is transparent and environmentally conscious, in an effort to minimize their global footprint. 

Based in Tel Aviv, New York and London, Saisei’s lab is composed of two complementary pillars:

  • Their creative, art and design team works hard to create basic items that fit all body shapes and sizes. Giving you maximum support and comfort as you juggle your tasks and dreams.
  • Their R&D team turns this vision into reality, with a zero-compromise policy on quality, materials, and sourcing.