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Designers We Love: Le Petit Trou

Feminine. Playful. Whimsical. Dainty. Stylish. Versatile. Unique. Innovative. Beautiful. Just a couple of words that Chérie Amour stylists used when we asked them to describe Le Petit Trou. Full of European charm and personality, this Polish brand stands out from any other we’ve found. 

One of the things that makes Le Petit Trou so unique is the easygoing femininity of each of the pieces. Embroidered flora, fauna, kisses, and… crustaceans (?!) decorate sheer mesh bras and panties. Straps and panties are embellished with feminine ruffles in mesh or silk in unexpectedly adorable design choices. 

Each piece is sustainably made and hand-sewn by a small team of women who put love, community, and so much personality into their work. Each season’s pieces are created in small batches, unrepeated art that can be worn and loved, capturing the essence of carefree summer and youthful playfulness. 

While many of the wired bras from Le Petit Trou are ideal for smaller cup sizes or augmented breasts, we have found that their triangle bralettes give an incredibly flattering lift to larger breasts as well. We recommend a size up from a typical US size as European brands often run small. 

Shop our curated collection of Le Petit Trou here. 

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