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Why Quality Swimwear Matters

I think most of us have the one swimsuit we’re not super proud of from Walmart clearance. It’s not high quality, but it does the job. Especially when working from the perspective of budget, investing in high end swimwear often seems like an unnecessary expense. There are good reasons to rethink that frame of mind, though, including health, ethics, and taking part in a larger story. 

It’s no secret that many synthetic materials contain toxic chemicals that can be incredibly harmful to your health. Swimsuits areintimate garments, and it’s important to be cautious with what you introduce to your body, particularly if you’re frequently exposed to it. For someone who only swims infrequently, perhaps it’s not a huge concern, but if you’re planning on frequent swimming, beach trips, or a vacation to a resort where you’ll wear swimwear for an extended period of time, we highly recommend high quality pieces from a trusted source.

Plastics from fast fashion production are the second highest polluting source in our oceans, as well.  Each step of reducing the demand for plastic-filled items is a step to a cleaner planet. 

As much as we love budget pieces, we also find the ethics behind cheap clothing to be questionable. Factory work conditions that take advantage of women and children produce affordable swimsuits, but at what cost? When investing in a quality piece of clothing, we invest in people, in fair wages, and in care for humans and the environment. 

Because of the ethical conditions in which it’s manufactured, investing in high end swimwear is taking part in a larger story.  Agua Bendita, for example, is manufactured by stay at home moms, allowing them to support their families and gain financial independence. These pieces are not only going to last much longer than a cheap suit but also invest in the future of families and a story that will continue beyond ourselves. Isn’t that what we want, in the end?

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