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Top Activewear Brands for Spring 2023

By: Chérie Amour

If you haven’t updated your activewear closet lately, it’s time. Spring is underway and the sunnier days are begging for fresh fits to wear out for hiking, running, and brunch. Our Chérie Amour stylists have carefully selected a couple favorite activewear brands to keep your wardrobe fresh, supportive, and fashionable.

Port de Bras

Taking the designer fashion world by storm, Port de Bras offers unforgettable and beautifully shaping athleisure-wear.  Named after the graceful movements of the arms in ballet, the brand takes grace and line seriously. Each design is created with an eye to the purity of lines and the feelings of color combinations - even smudging the air in the family owned warehouse to ensure that each piece carries good intentions and love with it to its wearer.  Specially crafted to be UV protectant and biodegradable when its long closet life is over, each Port de Bras piece will be a beloved part of your wardrobe.


New to our company, Saisei is Japanese for “rebirth” and supports women doing what women truly want - to be unashamedly themselves. Making no compromises on fabric quality, sustainability, or comfort, the pieces they make fit beautifully and boast stunning earth tones that flatter every skin tone. Putting their actions where their statements lie, they frequently organize beach clean ups - because, as they say, “plastic waste looks better on us than in the ocean.”

Year of Ours

The ultimate cool-girl brand, Year of Ours, is a female founded and led activewear based in LA and recently featured in Vogue. Co-Founder Eleanor Haycock started the brand after observing a notable gap in fashionable and body-inclusive activewear that felt good to wear. They craft a variety of styles that cater to the multiplicity of women that they serve and flatter a broad variety of body types. Comfortable fabrics and designs supervised by celebrity stylist Alejandra Hernandez make these pieces some of our favorite wardrobe basics.

Mono B

We would be amiss to not mention Mono B, also formed in LA’s fashion district and led by women who want clothing that lives with them and carries them through whatever the day brings. Our most budget friendly brand, the majority of us have a couple pieces from Mono B in our collections and turn to them again and again for fashion-forward workouts, or low key errand days. 

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