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The Guide to Ouvert Panties

Ouvert panties are back and taking the fashion world by storm. No longer just an adult shop staple, top brands have run with the idea and added luxury and spice to the concept of the open panty. Also known as crotchless panties or open panties, they serve an extra side of excitement to your lingerie: either a fun secret for you or a sexy surprise for your partner. If you’re ready to take the leap and try them out, here are some tips on how to wear them: 

  1. Choose the Right Style: There are various styles of ouvert panties available, ranging from subtle open slits to embroidered cut outs and button back pieces - or completely open with no question about the intentions! Depending on your comfort level, you can start with more subtle designs such as Fleur of England’s Kittie Ouvert or the Lorna Ouvert from Agent provocateur, and work your way to more revealing styles.
  2. Coordinate with the Outfit or Occasion: Consider the outfit or occasion for which you plan to wear ouvert panties. They can be a sensual addition to lingerie sets for intimate moments or a playful surprise under a dress or skirt for a special event. We recommend wearing them with a bra or bralette that matches the fabric design or at least color. To enhance the overall look, you may want to consider pairing ouvert panties with complementary accessories such as garters, stockings, or a matching bra. These additional elements can further enhance the sensual and seductive appeal.
  3. Prioritize Confidence and Comfort: It's important to feel confident and comfortable when wearing ouvert panties. Ensure that the pair you choose fits well and provides the desired level of support and comfort. Pay attention to the size and the placement of the opening to ensure it aligns with your personal preferences and the outfit you plan to wear with it. 

It's worth noting that individual preferences and comfort levels vary, so adjust the way you wear ouvert panties according to what makes you feel most confident and empowered. It’s okay to keep it simple and test your boundaries with what makes you feel beautiful. Shop our collection of Ouvert Lingerie here:

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