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The Edit: Sustainable Lingerie

By: Rebecca Ashbach

According to the UNEP, fashion and accessories are the second highest producer of plastic waste polluting our oceans. While that encompasses much more than the undergarment industry, we’re incredibly mindful that every bit of sustainable practice helps. We want to recognize some of the brands we love who are doing their part in caring for the earth through sustainable production and mindful materials.

Else - Founded by Ela Onur, an incredibly talented mother of two,  Else’s atelier is based in Istanbul, her hometown. They employ solely women, helping them learn marketable skills and become financially independent. We love the quality and comfort of their pieces - not only are they fashionable but incredibly flattering and comfortable, a true brand by women, for women.

Dora Larsen - self proclaimed “mood-boosting lingerie,” Dora Larsen pieces are unique, colorful, and full of verve.  Designer Georgia Larsen creates beautiful, unforgettable pieces made sustainably with lace created from recycled materials. Using solar power and water recycling in their dying process, the brand also donates at least 1% of their profits to environmental charities.

Simone Pérèle - one of the most classic french brands known for their beautiful corsetry and stunning embroidery. Made with modern, environmentally friendly fabrics created from wood pulp and recycled production waste, the brand takes classic designs and modernizes the fit and materials to be environmentally friendly, a true marriage of fashion and consciousness.

These are only a few of the brands that are doing their part in turning the fashion industry into a kinder, more responsible movement. We’re grateful for them, and the many others taking tiny steps to a greater good. Shop the full sustainable edit below:

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