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Off the Wire: Soft Cup Bras and Why We Love Them

Some days the boost and shaping of underwire bras is just what we want, but rushing to rip it off at the end of the day gets old. We’re big fans of finding soft cups, and wireless bras for everyday wear - they have a multitude of benefits for your comfort and overall health as well. 

When looking at the comfort factor, the absence of an underwire reduces the likelihood of irritation and chafing, particularly along the underbust area. Soft cup bras with seamless construction further minimize the risk of rubbing or friction against the skin. We especially love Evelyn and Bobbie’s game-changing seamless bras for this very reason. Commando’s Soft Support bras are another fantastic option for seamless support. 

While wireless bras will not give you the same level of pushup or shaping as an underwire bra, they conform to your body's natural shape, providing support without constriction, making them ideal for everyday wear. Because they provide such a natural shape, they also greatly reduce the risk of breast pain, especially for those with sensitivity to pressure points, pinching, or digging into the skin.

This not only is important for comfort, but it has significant health impacts as well. Without the restrictive underwire, soft cup bras allow for better circulation around the chest area. Underwire bras can sometimes compress breast tissue, potentially leading to issues with lymphatic drainage or even contributing to more serious health concerns like mastitis for nursing mothers. Soft cup bras allow for natural movement and expansion of breast tissue, reducing the risk of compression-related problems.

So even if you’re a push-up lover, we highly recommend finding a soft cup, wire-free bra to add to your rotation. You’ll not only find greater comfort in your body but more importantly find a general improvement in your health. Shop our full selection of wireless bras here.

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