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If you love Pepper Bras, you NEED to try these brands

If you’ve been on the internet and have A or B cups, chances are you’ve heard of Pepper, the trending bra brand for small cup divas everywhere. We love their content and their “itty bitty titty committee” campaign. If you’re also a big fan of Pepper bras, these are the other brands that are similar and you definitely want to try out for yourself.

The first brand us small chested girlies NEED is the Little Bra Company. Constructed for petite frames and smaller breasts, each bra is designed to not only be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, but also provide that generous pushup effect that we all love so much.

Though the brand has an expansive selection of sizes, we also love Montelle for everyday looks that give a nice boost. From their silky wire free t-shirt bra to their voluptuous prodigy pushup bra (adds two cup sizes!!), they have some excellent everyday options.

For special occasions when you really want to dress up your assets, three brands stand out to us: Agent Provocateur, Nette Rose, and Skarlett Blue. Agent Provocateur is a brand that carries a rich history of feminine revolution and empowerment. Their pieces support and lift even the smallest of us, and are decorated with gold accents and luxurious lace. For the sustainable girlies with a flare for unique florals, you can’t go wrong with Nette rose - a small brand handmade in South Africa by a team of artistic women. Finally, Skarlett Blue’s entice balconette styles are luxuriously lace-covered, and their push ups do not disappoint.

As a bonus, we all need a Boomba fix. Boomba makes sticky inserts to boost you up in outfits that you might not be able to wear a bra under. They’re pure magic, and our team is completely obsessed. 

Are you part of the #IBTC? Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these brands, and shop the full edit here.

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