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How to Choose the Right Lingerie Size

Do you find yourself tugging or pulling at your bra throughout the day? Did you know that nearly 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size? Yes, that is not a typo, eighty percent wear the wrong size. No wonder we find ourselves whipping our bras off the moment we get home! Let’s talk about how we can remedy this scenario, and how to find the perfect bra size.

Our recommendation at Chérie Amour is to take your body measurements. You can measure yourself or find a tailor at a bridal shop or retailer such as Nordstrom. If you choose to measure yourself, you will need a soft tape measure, which may be purchased on Amazon for under $3, or found at most grocery or drug stores. Measuring yourself may seem easier said than done but we promise, it’s not too hard!  Accurately measuring yourself will help relieve some of your frustration when guessing your size for lingerie. If you order lingerie throughout the year, it is important to measure yourself before each order, as weight may fluctuate. Some may need to keep in mind their monthly cycle as well when breast tissue can swell and extra water weight may be present. Try and measure after your cycle if possible.

  • Band Measurement: This measurement will be taken slightly snug but not too tight. Wrap the tape measure around your ribcage and just under your breast. Place your finger on the larger number where the two ends meet. Write down the measurements for your band.
  • Bust Measurement: Wrap the measuring tape around your backside, keeping the tape around the level where your bra hooks. Measure around the front to the fullest part of your breast, typically nearest to your nipple. Keeping the tape slightly loose, check the number on the tape. Write this number down.
  • To accurately determine your cup size, take the measurement from your bust and minus it from the band measurement. For example, if you measured your band at 36” and your bust at 39”, you would subtract 39-36, which is 3. Cup sizes are as follows: 1=A; 2=B; 3=C; 4=D, 5=E; 6=F; etc. Your bra size would be 36 C. 

Watch our YouTube demonstration on proper measuring:

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