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AnaOno: The Brand Re-Shaping Post-Mastectomy Bras

Life is full of changes, and for many women - 13% of them in America - breast cancer is one of those changes. Over a quarter of those women end up having surgery to remove lesions. Both in the initial healing period, and over the rest of their lives, finding undergarments that support, sooth, fit, AND look beautiful can feel like an impossible task.

AnaOno was created in response to this need, championing the fact that just because bodies change doesn’t mean they can’t have beautiful lingerie.  Founder and CEO, Dana Donofree, is a breast cancer survivor herself, and created AnaOno out of personal experience, leading to the passion project that became her brand.  So many women feel like they lose part of themselves after breast surgery: these bras are designed to reclaim that. 

From butter-soft modal to airy mesh, fabrics for the bras are chosen specifically to be non-irritating to areas affected by surgery. They’re also designed to be beautiful, feminine, and stylish, ranging in colors from sage green to festive, autumnal orange. 

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